Quick Note - Introduction

It is a handy note app.
You can take notes quickly whenever and wherever you need it.
Memo, ToDo, Diary, Idea, Writting …etc.
You can write down notes while easily classifying by purpose and scene.

Main function
・Text input by speech recognition
・Create note from selected text
・Save note as text file
・Automatically set top line as title
・Search by regular expression, replacement
・Editor setting (line number display, font size, line wrapping, line feed code)
・Folders management (category classification)
・Batch operation of files and folders (copy / move / delete / zip compression)
・Local & remote file management (on your iphone/ipad, via Wifi network, cloud storages)
・Read and write notes via wifi networks (Supports SMB2 & SMB3 protocol)
・Read and write notes via iCloud Drive
・Read and write notes via Google Drive
・File sharing with Local app / Email / Socials …etc.
・Design theme setting