Quick Pedometer - Introduction

It is a handy pedometer app.
You can check exercise data (steps, calories burned, distance traveled) quickly whenever and wherever you need it.
Commuting school, walking, running, sports, hiking etc.
You can monitor the movement data in various scenes and look back on the traveled route on the map.

Main function
・Step count in real time
・Automatic calculation of travel distance and calorie consumption
・Automatic recording of exercise data by day, month and year
・Measure movement data by specifying start and end
・Graph display of exercise data in various periods
・Display the route that you moved on the map
・Ranking the top 10 from all the past records
・Detailed display of exercise data at that time by date specification
・Blog notes leaving
・ Various Reports, CSV and Image can be shared with other apps, emails and socials
・Design theme setting